Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quick Recap of Preseason Football: Friday August 11, 2012

The Good

Tampa Bay Bucs looks to have some focus as their 1st team offense came out looking pretty good. LeGarrette Blount scores a TD. The New York Giants offense came out rolling. Eli Manning connecting 4-8 for 60 yards hits Victor Cruz for a nice 28 yard gain.  Jacksonville Jaguar's Blaine Gabbert looks like the offseason helped his game. He went 5-10 with a TD pass against the tough NY Giants defense.  The Kansas Chiefs may have the best backfield in the league. Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis looks great. Both are healthy.

Alex Smith and the 49ers offense came out and scored a touchdown on a 12 play 84 yard drive.
The Cincinnati defense was all over the place stopping the New York Jets from getting into the end zone for the entire game.
The Bad
The New York Jets offensive line did not look good. Mark Sanchez did not have much time to find a receiver. Tim Tebow didn't look any better.

The Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden didn't look good going 3-9 with a interception. Colt McCoy may not have anything to worry about.   
Detroit Lion's Matthew Stafford needs to settle down. He threw a INT and didn't score while in the game.

Not sure what's up with Kevin Kolb. He went 1-5 for 21yards. Sacked and just looked bad for a guy who got a paid like he did. 
Minnesota Viking's offense didn't score a touchdown. They need Adrian Peterson back or they will struggle.

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