Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who is Aaron Judge???


Aaron Judge is the flavor of the month right now in MLB. He popped 10 hrs in the month of April 2017. Seems like he hits a HR every night. The Yankees drafted Judge in the first round, with the 32nd overall selection, of the 2013 Major League Baseball draft. If you don’t have him on your season long fantasy team too late because he’s probably no longer available. In DFS his price is still reasonable. Play him daily especially if he’s at home. Seems like players that come out the gate like this don’t stay hot all season long. His teammate Gary Sanchez can’t be found. He popped 20 HRs last season in a short period of time. So far this season Sanchez has 1 HR and is currently on the disable list. Let’s see if this Aaron Judge can stay hot consistently throughout the season.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

“The Greatest Fantasy Sports Player of All-Time”


In the history of fantasy sports time, any sports, Russell Westbrook is the best fantasy sports player ever! In 2017 Russell Westbrook averaged a triple double for the NBA season. Fantasy players all of the world enjoyed what Russell Westbrook did night after night reaping the awards of having him on your fantasy team. Even in Daily Fantasy people spent top dollar to have Rus on their team. I just wanted to take the time out to SALUTE “The Greatest Fantasy Sports Player of All-Time” Russell Westbrook!!!!

Can Atlanta Hawks get rid of Dwight Howard???

As a native from Atlanta I will admit that I was excited when the Atlanta Hawks signed Dwight Howard. I followed Dwight’s career but I realized that I only followed the good. With him being from Atlanta I ignored all the bad. I always follow the team close. Again I liked the “good” the Dwight Howard brought to the Hawks. He had some very impressive double-double games. He’s even had a few Barbara Walter 20/20 specials! 20+ points and 20+ rebounds games. As the Hawks played in the playoffs the “bad” Dwight Howard that so many people have pointed out when he played for the Lakers and Rockets appeared as bright as the sun. Playoff production is very important especially for a player that’s taking up 20+ million dollars of the teams salary cap. So I ask the question, Can Atlanta Hawks get rid of Dwight Howard???