Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NFC South 2012 Prediction

Atlanta Falcons 11 - 5

The Atlanta Falcons should win the division this year because they will be better coached on defense. Mike Nolan has the experience to make the correct week to week adjustments to win more games. With three good cornerbacks, Brent Grimes, Asanta Samuel, and Dunta Robinson, they should be able to control the Saints pass attack.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9 - 7

My surprise pick is Tampa Bay finishing at 9 - 7. This team was a wreck last year. Not sure what happen with the coaching of Raheem Morris but he lost that team in the worst of ways. With a new coaching staff and a lot of good veteran players I think Tampa will overachieve this year. Look for QB Josh Freeman to have a good year. WR’s Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and TE Dallas Clark will help him to look good.

New Orleans Saints 8 - 8

I’m not afraid to give my honest opinion. We will find out how valuable a head coach is during a 16 game season. With Sean Peyton I would give them a 12 - 4 prediction. Now to make my point they will lose 4 games because of him not being there putting their record at 8 - 8. There’s only so much that team leader and star QB Drew Brees can do.

Carolina Panthers 7 - 9

I want to give them a better prediction but when I look at Carolina play I feel like something is missing. They got lucky last year by getting a great year out of star WR Steve Smith. He was huge! I can’t see him doing that again and with the 2nd - 4th wide receiver on the roster being a bunch of no names I think this will frustrate the Panthers all year. They need Cam’s #1 WR for the future. With a 7 - 9 finish or worse they will be looking to get the best WR in the 2013 NFL draft.

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