Saturday, August 11, 2012

Forget Tim Tebow and the New York Jets.

Let's talk about the Kansas City Chiefs, specifically their backfield. Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis are both healthy. Both played in the Chiefs first preseason game. I'm not sure if many have overlooked what Kansas City did by bringing Hillis into the mix. Last year in Cleveland he had contract issues and that effected his play on the field. Not being prepared once the season started caused him to get injured a lot. Now he gets a fresh start in Kansas City and I believe that he's going to make defenders pay. Now he's a great change of pace back so he won't be asked to carry the load like he did when he played for the Browns. Jamaal Charles got hurt in the first regular season game last year. He has had more than enough time to heal. Him playing in the first preseason game is a great sign for the Chiefs.

Enough with the Tim Tebow and NY Jets talk. After seeing them in the first preseason game there isn't much to talk about with that team. Forget that they are in a "big market". Real football fans want to talk about real football and not the drama within the game all the time. I love the game and I like what the Kansas City Chiefs have done so I thought that this was worth pointing out!

Dondi Du
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