Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can Michael VIck make it 16 games?

If the Philadelphia Eagles want to make it to the playoffs they have to have Michael Vick as close to 100% for the entire season.  A 50% Mike Vick isn't good enough. The Michael Vick of 2010-2011 is what the Eagles need. It's going to be interesting seeing if Vick can sit in the pocket and pick defenses apart like he did in 2010-11. It was so exciting seeing him prove people wrong by being a accurate quarterback. His long balls to Desean Jackson were amazing to see. After the tape got out on Vick defenses figured out how to stop the deep ball. Vick still wasn't mature and patient enough to take what defenses would allow.  We all know what Michael Vick does when he doesn't have patience, he RUNS! If you look at Vick he looks like he has a small frame. The players in the game compared to those that were in the game when he first came in to the league are bigger, faster and stronger. He started in the NFC South where the defenses aren't no where close to being as good as the defenses in the NFC East are now. The pass rushers that the Giants have alone are deadly enough to get Vick injured on any given play. Demarcus Ware with the Cowboys surely will cause Vick to lose patience and run without making all his check downs.

Personally I can't see him staying healthy the whole season. I wish all players could play without getting hurt but we know that's not possible in the contact sport of football. As we enter another season football fans can't help but keep an eye on the Eagles. Vick stated that he wants to win it all for Coach Reid. After last years terrible start for the Eagles I'm wondering do they have the leadership on the field that has what it takes to do the necessary things to win it all!

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