Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 10 RB of all time?

LaDainian Tomlinson was a great RB in the NFL. He did damage in San Diego. I can't say the same for NY Jets but I do believe that he gave his all. I think 95% of people believe that he is Hall of Fame worthy.  I hate that he didn't win a Super Bowl or at least go to one because he is a very entertaining running back. His  finger roll after a touchdown is CLASSIC. If I was to do a TD celebrating I believe that it would be that! He is top ten 'in his era' but not of all-time. He goes to top 3 for most entertaining RB's. We all know that Barry Sanders is #1 on any list but that's for another blog!
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Lawrence Vickers

The Cowboys have to make the running game their #1 priority. If we notice in the 2011-12 season that once Demarco Murray got rolling the Cowboys got rolling. When Murray got hurt the Cowboys roll slowed down. Pressure doesn't need to be all on one person at no time during the season. Football is more of a "team" sport than any other sport and it's up to everyone doing their job for a team to be consistently successful. Lawrence Vickers is a key pick-up for the Cowboys. He's a veteran FB. If I'm not mistaken, he blocked for Arian Foster in 2011-12 and he blocked for Peyton Hillis in 2010-11. Vickers in my key player for the Cowboys this season and if they want to be a team that goes deep into the playoffs they will have to be a more balanced offense using the FB as a lead blocker.

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Lawrence Vickers and Cowboys running game.

Tony Romo 'Underrated'

I will admit that I am a Cowboys fan but I do speak the truth about the players on the team. I don't think that Tony Romo is Underrated. I also don't think that he's Overrated. I hear a lot of people saying that the Cowboys won't win a Super Bowl with Romo as the quarterback. I disagree with that because I have seen teams with great defenses and a below average QB win a superbowl. Trent Dilfer is a perfect example of that. Dallas Cowboy QB's carry pressure and hard judgement once they receive the nod to be the starter. When Romo's career is done we can fairly judge if he's overrated or underrated.

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Tony Romo 'Underrated