Friday, July 6, 2012

Who you taking???

Chris Johnson or Arian Foster?

Fantasy drafting time will be here before you know it. Chris Johnson had a down year last year. I probably lost my fantasy league because I was banking on him to have a good season. I literally "hung" in there with him after weeks of 52 total yards.  Well he failed me and I'm the fool for "hanging" in there with him after he held out for a new contract. Arian Foster was a beast every week that he played whenever he wasn't hurt. I didn't pick him because I didn't want to be the fool having him in my line-up and he end up being hurt by half time. I was able to get him later in the season but it was too late to be able to make a run.
Going into the 2012 season I'm going to play the fool again and pick Chris Johnson. Reason why, he has to make up for last season. With a young QB he will be the target a lot on offense. The only downfall to that is defenses will key in on him but I feel that he will be special again this season like he was in 2010 his rookie season. Arian Foster is the safe pick but safe don't win it all most of the time. Arian is special too but it's highly unlike for a RB to be as good as he has been for 3 years in a row. With all that said "who are you taking???"

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