Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Fantasy WR's 2012

10: Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos): If Tim Tebow can win a playoff game with the help of Demaryius I think Peyton Manning will have a field day with him throughout the season.

9: Brandon Lloyd (NE Patroits): This guy was good with Kyle Orton as his QB. I can’t imagine what him and Tom Brady will look like together!

8: DeSean Jackson (Philly Eagles): He got his money so he should be happy. I have to believe that he will bounce back and have a good season this year. Too much speed not to be on a top ten list.

7: Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys): Miles is a really good receiver. Looks like he’s in shape and he’s up there with the best when it comes to catching the ball in stride and making a big play.

6. Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears): He matured a lot last season. Believe it or not he was a leader in the Miami locker room last season. Reconnecting back with Jay Cutler is huge.

5. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons): This kid is a beast! It’s going to be scary trying to stop him.

4. Antonio Brown (Pitt Steelers): Don’t scream at me. With Mike Wallace not practicing this guy is fantasy gold. The Steelers just don’t run the ball like they used to. Big Ben is healthy. Mike Wallace will probably return and if that does happen Antonio Brown becomes fantasy platinum!

3. Victor Cruz (NY Giants): This kid knows how to get open and Eli only throws to open receivers. Enough said!

2. Wes Welker (NE Patriots): Hardest working WR in the league. Having Tom Brady as your QB doesn’t hurt.

1. Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions): Do I need to give an explanation? Ok here’s a quick one. Matt Stafford has a rifle. Calvin Johnson has huge bullet catching hands!


Honorable mention: Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals): I don’t like him on fantasy. Too in consistent. Andre Johnson (Houston Texans): Dude stay hurt. Greg Jennings & Jordy Nelson (GB Packers): If I could play them as one person they would be on my list. Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons): Julio will be the man.

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