Friday, July 20, 2012

Top 10 Fantasy RB's countdown

10: Fred Jackson: Not sure of his status because he got injured late last season but if he's good to go he's a sure top 10 pick!

9: DeMarco Murray: This kid ran with the best of them last year until he got hurt. Breaking a Cowboy's franchise record as a rookie should get you on any top 10 list.

8: Matt Forte: He got his money so he should be happy. He would be higher if he scored more TD's in the past. With Michael Bush being on the team he will probably steal the goal line touches away from Matt.

7: LeSean McCoy: This is a safe pick. LeSean is one heck of a running back. Most people will take him higher but I don't like the Eagles so he must be good if he made my list.

6. Darren McFadden: If he stays uninjured he's a beast. Being fragile puts DArren at #6.

5. Ray Rice: Ray could go higher but the Ravens like to pass more than run and he doesn't get many goal line carries.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew: He's all Jacksonville has. If he didn't play for Jacksonville he would be #2.

3. Jamaal Charles: He is a pure sleeper. Many people may have forgotten about him but I haven't. He got hurt early last year so he should be ready to go game 1.

2. Chris Johnson: A bad year last year will equal a great year this year. He clearly has the best potential.

1. Arian Foster: He gains a lot of total yards. A normal week for Arian is 110 yards rushing, 30 yards receiving and 1 TD on average. By far the best in the league.

Honorable mention: Ryan Mathews, Adrian Peterson (injured and won't start the season, otherwise top 3), Darren Sproles, Steven Jackson, & Trent Richardson (a great rookie to be risky with.

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