Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NFL Players Getting in Trouble

With a long off season I can't imagine that every football player wants to workout everyday all day until football rolls back around. Me personally I would probably get lazy after a long and hard season. I can't imagine going July - January (7 months) banging, running hard, getting hit, hitting, blocking, etc. A lot of the younger players had it rough growing up. Not a lot of money, a lot of issues going on at home, and no father. With the help of a few loyal people they make it to the NFL. After signing that contract and getting paid I can't imagine how hard it would be not getting in trouble given the background that some of these players come from. Now don't get me wrong I believe that they should take heed and be as careful as possible.

With these recent stories of players getting in trouble it's funny to hear broke people criticizing them when that don't even know them. Dez Bryant getting in trouble is a joyful thing for some people. They scream "I told you". It's like some people get happy when some people fail. Dez is only 23yrs old. He has a lot of growing to do and given his background we probably should be a little patience with him. Now his employer, Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys, they have a standard to keep and they owe him nothing but a pay check.

With training camp a few weeks away I hope that we don't see or hear any more stories about players getting in trouble. There's enough drama on TV with reality shows I look for an escape when it comes to my football. I so hate when ESPN reports the drama. I want to see highlights, stats, and who got signed! I don't know about you but I'm excited about this up coming season of FOOTBALL!

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