Monday, May 23, 2016

73 wins, NBA Championship or Both

73 wins, NBA Championship or Both



If asked most would like to have a NBA Championship without thinking twice but the Golden State Warriors went after 73 wins like it was the championship. One thing that I dislike about the NBA is that teams rest their players towards the end of the season. The Warriors didn’t do it at all in order to set the NBA record of winning 73 regular season games. Now that they are in the playoffs their MVP player Stephen Curry has been hurt missing several games and now they are down in the Western finals against OKC Thunder. It looks to me that the Thunder has figured them out. It’s hard to be on top for a long time. There’s always someone hungry and thirsty that’s looking to take your spot. What better team in the NBA to do that other than OKC Thunder. They fell short in the NBA finals in 2012. After that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had injuries that kept the team from getting back to the NBA finals. Now both are healthy. They have a new coach that won multiple championships in college as a head coach and in his 1st year Billy Donovan looks to be bringing that success to the NBA.

I like to think that no one saw the Warriors coming in the 2015-16 season. They came out of nowhere and won it all. The San Antonio Spurs have been good forever. Looks like age and/or hunger has got in the way with them winning it all again. For Golden State to win a NBA Championship this year they are going to have to be hungrier than what I believe to be the hungriest team in the NBA, OKC Thunder. Winning 73 games was quite impressive but if they don’t win it all it won’t mean as must looking back years from now.

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