Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Thoughts On DeMarco Murray Going To Philly

I think DeMarco going to Philly was a selfish move. Though the game of football is a team sport I think you have to be selfish when it comes to money! If you get hurt and can't play anymore you will be without a team wanting you. It's simple....DeMarco had a great 2014 season which happened to be the final year of his contract. Being at this point any player would be looking for top dollar. Dallas wasn't willing to pay top dollar so DeMarco took his talents to where the money was and that happened to be in Philly.

Do I think Murray will be as good in Philly as he was in Dallas? My gut tells me no and here's why. We have seen this play out a lot of times in history where a player has a good contract year, gets paid big money and we ask wherever happened to player so and so. If Murray was having consistent good seasons year after year I would probably think different. 2014, the final year in his contract was the first season that he played every game. Though he did get hurt he toughened it out and continued to play. 2013 was looking like a good season but the injury bug bit him.

What's going to be fun to watch about this situation in the 2015 season is what Dallas Cowboys replacement RB to DeMarco Murray does. Does the Cowboy offensive line deserve the credit that it got or was it special skills that caused DeMarco to gain all those yards. Maybe it was a combination of both. We will see. Him going to Philly adds some good drama to this situation. If the offensive line of the Eagles is just ok and his skills are just ok Cowboy fans are going to laugh at DeMarco. If his skills are as great as his season was he's going to make Cowboys management look stupid and the fans are going to hate having to play Philly twice a yr. I will tell you this. I am going to be tuned in every time the Eagles play the Cowboys by any means necessary!

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