Friday, June 29, 2012

Lawrence Vickers

The Cowboys have to make the running game their #1 priority. If we notice in the 2011-12 season that once Demarco Murray got rolling the Cowboys got rolling. When Murray got hurt the Cowboys roll slowed down. Pressure doesn't need to be all on one person at no time during the season. Football is more of a "team" sport than any other sport and it's up to everyone doing their job for a team to be consistently successful. Lawrence Vickers is a key pick-up for the Cowboys. He's a veteran FB. If I'm not mistaken, he blocked for Arian Foster in 2011-12 and he blocked for Peyton Hillis in 2010-11. Vickers in my key player for the Cowboys this season and if they want to be a team that goes deep into the playoffs they will have to be a more balanced offense using the FB as a lead blocker.

For more on Lawrence Vickers check out this article.
Lawrence Vickers and Cowboys running game.

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