Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fballjunkiee's 2016 NFL Preseason Rankings #32 - 29


32. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns did nothing to improve their team. RG3 may appear to be an upgrade at QB but I’m a firm believer that QB’s with his body frame stay injured. I hope the best for him. In the draft they drafted four WRs. They will give fans a reason to hope for better but by week 4 things will feel the same again.

31.San Diego Chargers

San Diego Charges better hope that Melvin Gordon have a better 2nd year than his rookie year. This team should be a whole lot better than they have become. It’s weird to me that a organization like the Chargers isn’t getting any love from the city to build a new stadium. Something just aint right with this organization and until they get more stable I believe their record will reflect that.

30. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions lost their best player by far Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. He was in his prime. No matter how you look at it this is a huge lose. Lions are not known for having a running game and without the questionable best WR in the league I see a lot of struggle in their near future.

29. Tennessee Titans

I do like what the Titans did in the draft and I do believe that their future looks bright but they won’t turn things around this year. After winning 2 games in 2014 and 3 games in 2015 I believe they will add those two numbers together and win 5 games this year!